Filmmaking is my greatest passion. I enjoy using both live action and animation to tell uniquely comedic stories. See my IMDB page.

A man’s world turns upside down when he notices an odd plant invading the every day occurrences of his life.

Shot in five hours on a Saturday. A great exercise in sound editing and timing.

Four friends who pride themselves on being both angry and gentlemanly are thrown into turmoil when one of them decides he’s not angry any more.

My longest film yet at 35 minutes. Shot in a week in August with a budget under $500. If you’re not up for the whole thing, check out one of audiences’ favorite scenes below.

A stop motion animation about a little girl stepping on a boy’s pet snail and being haunted by its ghost.

This short was funded by my Alma Mater Virginia Commonwealth University’s Undergraduate Research Grant for the Arts, and won a Special Mention in the One Reeler Short Film Competition.

See below a time lapse of the animation process shot by our videographer Tyler Scheerschmidt.


A huge part of movies is what we see, and as a filmmaker it’s up to me to decide what exactly that is. Here are some of my favorite sights. All shots from Edmund the Snail (the animated film) were set by our Director of Photography Jesse Hosick.